Transform your business success with innovative strategies, laser like focus and a proven process for showing up powerfully in any business situation.

Jane Deuber

Let me help you bring your “A” game
to your business...

Your success demands that you step into your entrepreneurial genius every day. At Summit, you’ll discover my all-time favorite “A” Game strategies for breakthrough business success…

  • Understand why you are not getting the results you desire and know exactly what to do about it
  • Be clear and confident about the value you deliver, the change you impact and the fees you charge
  • Discover a system for choosing just the right marketing strategies that will increase your bottom line NOW
  • Gain a foolproof process that moves you out of fear, doubt and overwhelm and into a space of ease, focus and effectiveness.
  • Learn how to build a conscious, creative team that grows the bottom line while allowing you to remain in your zone of genius.

Join us for the Business Mastery Summit in Monterey, California on September 13-15, 2013!

An Invitation to Transform!

Jane Deuber

Hi, I’m Jane Deuber and I know that within YOU is an even greater expression of the business owner you are here to be - a version that is more confident, more on purpose, more effective and more abundant.

I also believe what brought you to this page is a deep desire to have your business be a truer reflection of the difference you are here to make and the income you are meant to earn.

I'm excited to give you a peek at my upcoming Business Mastery Summit. It’s an event designed to literally change the course of your business and I want you with us September 13-15 in Monterey, California.

Each session at Summit is designed to enable you to break through your limiting beliefs about your ability to grow your business and equip you with proven tools and skills for growing your bottom line.

When you make the decision to join me, you will step into an incredible community of like-minded, visionary business owners who are also on the path to higher profits and more ease.

If you have even the slightest desire to take your business to the next level, do not miss this event!

To what's possible!

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The Highs and Lows of an Entrepreneur's Path

My first business lasted over 13 years and nearly cost me my life.

In 1987, my husband Mario and I took $5000 we had saved to buy an engagement ring and used it as seed capital for our first business venture - a direct selling company. We were passionate, excited and determined to make it a success. In the early years it was a bootstrap endeavor, requiring each of us to wear many hats and work insanely long hours to bring the vision to fruition.

Fast forward 13 years… we had a multi-million dollar business with distributors in 26 states. We were impacting lives at a deep and meaningful level but the problem was… I was SPENT! My marriage, my health, my relationships and my sanity were about to implode and I felt I had nowhere to turn. Between the business, 12 employees, a sales force of over 300, and a brand new baby boy to boot, I had reached my capacity.

So, I kept the marriage, sold the business and reclaimed my life!

Since that experience, I have dedicated my career to discovering the strategies, mindset and habits that would enable me to have an incredibly successful business and a deeply satisfying personal life – all at the same time.

With this knowledge I have founded and built 5 additional businesses, sold 2 of them and have a vested interest in a third. Today, I am growing three businesses that serve three distinct markets I love. Each time I made it to the million-mark a little faster, but more importantly was able to find space to live my life. I’ve gotten really good at giving myself the gift of having a beautiful life on my way to a big, juicy vision. That’s what I want for you as well.

This experience of nearly losing myself, my marriage and my health, on the way to creating my dream business, was the most difficult time of my life - a pain I would not wish on anyone.

But what's beautiful is that it has also become the inspiration for my work with small business owners like you - to save you the pain, heartache, confusion and sadness coming from not having the strategies, systems, boundaries and support required to be successful in business and still have a life.

My work today is dedicated to transforming the way you see and grow your business.

To eliminate that sense of...

  • Disappointment that your business and income are not meeting your expectations
  • Overwhelm that there is always too much to do and not enough time to do it
  • Frustration when sales keep falling short of projections
  • Confusion about where to get support and what strategies to implement
  • Fear around whether you will ever really be able to make it work
  • Loneliness when you realize the outcome rests solely on your shoulders
  • Sadness that your vision feels so far out of reach
  • Worry that you may have to let go of the dream and settle for a J-O-B

If you are like most small business owners, you’ve experienced a number of these emotions while growing your business. It's my deepest desire to give you the strategies and insights that will keep you out of this space and enable you to step into a place of feeling clear, confident and committed to making your business vision your reality.

There is a better way... and my life is proof.

Today, I enjoy a happy marriage of 26 years. I'm a mom to 15 year-old Alex, a step-mom to Paola and a grandma to three of the cutest grand kids on the planet.

Most days, in addition to running three thriving businesses, I head out for a walk to the beach with my yellow lab, Boomer, hike the surrounding hills of Pebble Beach with my husband or head to the gym for a workout.

I am a friend, a daughter, a sister... in short I have a fun and incredibly fulfilling life!

I want this and more for you!

My calling - my work - is to help you grow your business in a way that’s more fun, more fulfilling and a lot more profitable.

I've designed the Business Mastery Summit to be an important step in making that happen. I take my own experience from growing 6 successful businesses over 26 years and combine them with the talents and expertise of a very special group of friends and colleagues, who are also called to help you create a breakthrough in your business.

During our time together you will be equipped with the strategies, tools and resources to enable you to return to your business feeling refreshed, empowered and ready to take it to the next level.


It's time to embrace the power of PURPOSE, PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITS!

Expand your personal network

Every session at Summit is designed to usher you into the next evolution of YOU. We're talking the incredibly clear, internally confident, powerfully purposeful and wildly profitable version of YOU as a business owner.

It includes all the fun elements which make your Summit experience so unique... the Friday kick-off party, interactive round table sessions, Saturday beach bonfire, breathtaking view of the bay and lots of networking with the coolest entrepreneurs on the planet. PLUS exciting new additions for a truly transformational weekend.

At the Summit you will learn how to...

  • Weave a sense of PURPOSE into every day so you feel unstoppable in all you do
  • Be wildly PRODUCTIVE so you get more done in less time and feel good doing it
  • Increase PROFITS by choosing the right marketing strategies for where you are in business
  • Master the INNER GAME of business success to keep fear, doubt and worry at bay
  • Access your ENTREPRENEURIAL ROCK STAR at any moment and in any situation
  • Show up POWERFULLY every day, ready to give your business your absolute best
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Transformation on Three Levels

When you join us in September for the Business Mastery Summit, you will experience a significant shift in three distinct areas of your life and business.

The Evolution of YOU!

To create your dream business you need to tap into a deeper level of clarity, brilliance and boldness.

At Summit, you will discover how tapping into your Entrepreneurial Power Centers gives you access to your talents, wisdom and pro-active nature to show up powerfully in any situation your business demands. From leading your in-house team with confidence and clarity to enrolling ideal clients, you will come away equipped to be the very best version of YOU.

The Evolution of your NETWORK

Evolution of your Network

You do not need to go it alone! To create a profitable, fulfilling and sustainable business, it takes a "village" of like-minded people who support and encourage you every step of the way.

That is what you will find at Summit. You will meet people who will become friends, mastermind partners, collaborators and even clients.

Imagine a friendly and safe environment where you can be yourself and develop meaningful connections with remarkable people who are also up to exciting things.

Whether you are mingling at the Friday Welcome party, learning in the general sessions, dining at a VIP lunch or hanging out at the beach bonfire on Saturday night, a warm and welcoming community awaits you!

A Transformation in how you GROW your Business!

Evolution of how to Sell and Market

Throughout your Summit experience, you'll gain a completely new perspective of how you market your product or service. From selecting marketing strategies aligned with your personality to discovering how to market and sell with greater ease, never has planning your business expansion been so fun and easy.

Summit is not just about providing you with proven strategies and time-tested insights… it’s about getting the work DONE. You will walk away from Summit with clearly defined next steps ensuring you move immediately into action upon your return. No kidding!


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Summit Agenda… Purpose, Productivity & Profits!

A value-packed agenda supporting the evolution of YOU!

We believe you have the right to know exactly what content, strategies and workshops will be covered at Summit. Unlike many events that leave you guessing, we’ve provided you with a detailed description of what you will be learning. This way you can make an informed decision to say YES!

Friday VIP Reception - It's a Party by the Bay!

Celebrating community and creating new connections will be an important component of your Summit experience.
That's why our VIP guests will begin the weekend with a fun Friday Night Reception overlooking the breathtaking Monterey Bay.

There will be bountiful hors d'oeuvres, local wines and stimulating conversation with fellow Summit attendees and members of Jane's Business Mastery Program.

* The Friday Reception is included with your VIP upgrade which also includes the Friday and Saturday Networking luncheons and the Sunday Celebration luncheon, for an additional investment of just $150.

Saturday Morning

Setting the Stage for a Life-Changing Experience - John Dulworth

Your Master of Ceremonies for this incredibly powerful weekend is the always-fun and often-hilarious John Dulworth.

Back by popular demand – John’s role is to be your guide as you move through each session, ensuring that you remain present, energized and open to taking the leap toward what's waiting for you.

John has been a co-facilitator with Jane for four fun years. Their blend of energy and personal experience add a truly unique element to this exciting and transformative weekend.

Full Throttle Entrepreneurship - Jeffrey VanDyk


Imagine walking into any situation in business and feeling confident, at ease and crystal clear about what needs to happen to serve all those involved.

Imagine stepping into a space of focus and “authentic flow” so you are equipped to make the most of every minute of every day. That’s what’s available to you when you learn how to access your Entrepreneurial Power Centers.

In this session, Jeffrey and Jane share their personal experience of unearthing this powerful tool for consciously stepping into the next evolution of who you are being called to be in business.
Jeffrey brings to this training years of experience coaching mission-driven entrepreneurs to authentically weave their gifts and passions into their life’s work. Now, to unleash the strength of the archetypes hidden in your subconscious, Jeffrey and Jane will walk you through a process of defining and claiming your three unique and transformative Entrepreneurial Power Centers. You’ll come away with a simple yet insightful tool for accessing the next evolution of YOU as a business owner.

Saturday Afternoon

The 9 Indisputable Laws of Entrepreneurial Mastery - Jane Deuber

While Jane holds a Master’s in International Business Administration, she will be the first to tell you that you do not need a piece of paper nor a degree in business to build a massively successful enterprise.

What you DO NEED is an unwavering commitment to master the Nine Indisputable Laws of Business Mastery.

In this training, Jane will reveal the perspectives, habits and strategies that have enabled her to transform 6 creative ideas into thriving, sustainable businesses. These Nine Laws have never been shared before and promise to instantly alter the way you see and grow your business on a daily basis. No matter where you are on your path - just starting out or approaching the million in revenue mark

– Jane's Nine Indisputable Laws of Business Mastery are the keys to finally having the business you have always wanted.

Sunday Morning

Building Your Rock Star Team - Jane Deuber

Building a business on your own is not only super difficult and no fun, it’s down right INSANE! The truth is… you DO NOT have to go it alone!
In this session Jane and John will reveal shortcuts to building your "360° Support Team."
You’ll begin with an assessment of what skills, talents and traits you need to have on your team – allowing you to consciously seek out and attract your ideal team members. Then, you’ll take steps to design your future team – from mastermind partners and collaborators, to new hires who take an active role in growing and managing your business.
This session artfully combine’s John’s experience as an award-winning team leader at Dell Computers with Jane’s real-world experience of creating a cohesive and powerful team to grow her three businesses. If you are done with trying to grow your business on your own, this mind-expanding session is an absolute must for you.

Rock Star Round Tables – A mind-expanding line-up of experts teaching strategies you need to know!

Jeffrey Van Dyk

Experience three 30-minute value-packed sessions where you’ll receive a rapid-fire download of the best-kept secrets on marketing strategies you need to be implementing in your business.

Each session is conducted by an expert who is eager to shorten your learning curve and get you into action.

Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the Round Table topics you can choose from:

  1. How to use video marketing to quickly convert prospects to paying clients
  2. What needs to be in place to maximize the marketing life cycle for higher sales
  3. How to turn your expertise into profitable products your customers will love
  4. How to be a Social Media Sensation in less than 20 minutes a day
  5. Secrets for masterful marketing messages that inspire people to take action
  6. Your Marketing Collateral Checklist – what needs to be in place to sell more now

Sunday Afternoon

Get More Done with a Daily Method of Manifestation - Jane Deuber

“How does she do it?” That’s often the question posed to those who know and work with Jane Deuber. In addition to wearing the hats of mom, wife, daughter and friend, Jane also runs three successful businesses from her Pebble Beach home and still makes time to for a fun and fulfilling life.

In this session, Jane will reveal how she approaches each month, week and day for maximum impact and effectiveness. She’ll teach you how to determine what gets your time and energy, how to track the myriad of things to do and share her favorite strategies for managing the hundreds of emails she receives on a daily basis.

We've all got the same amount of hours in a day, and what separates the massively successful from those just getting by is how that time is used. Let Jane usher you into a new level of focus and productivity.

Rock Your Plan for Re-entry - John Dulworth and Jane Deuber

One key element missing from most live events is equipping you to return to your life and business with clarity about what to do next. In this Sunday afternoon session, John and Jane will walk you through a plan for reentry. You’ll have a chance to identify three key initiatives, what steps you want to take and then solidify your commitment by proclaiming it to your new-found accountability partner.

John’s strategies for reducing feelings of fear, doubt or overwhelm that often accompany the culmination of a live event experience, combined with Jane’s real-world approach for getting into action is the perfect close to what will be a game-changing weekend experience.

Message from Jane… "Do you see that this is no ordinary event? I’ve designed each moment to include the elements I've always wanted but never found in any of the events I’ve attended. So please… join us and allow me to bring forth the business owner you are being called to be. ;-) I promise it will prove to be the best investment you could ever make in your success." Love, Jane

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The Business Mastery Summit was incredible! In fact I'm returning again this year. From the moment it began at the Saturday session, I knew I was in for a different kind of event experience. Each session delivered on Jane's promise to empower us to return home ready to take our businesses to the next level. What was also so unique about my Summit experience were the incredibly cool people in attendance - each of them on their own path to turn their business vision into a reality. I've formed friendships with so many. If you want to reignite your business for the coming year, get to Jane's Business Mastery Summit!

—Jeff Stafford

Shirley Kiatta

As one of Jane's long time clients, I enthusiastically recommend The Business Mastery Summit to anyone who wants to be extraordinary in business and in life. Every session, presentation and exercise narrows in on the areas that are most essential to us as successful entrepreneurs. The Summit always attracts an energetic and diverse group of people, making every aspect a complete joy. Whether you are a novice, well-established in your field or a world expert, JOIN US! You will come away with a renewed sense of clarity, focus and energy to take your business and personal experiences to the next level.

—Shirley Kiatta

Jeffrey Heinichen

When you take a trip to Monterey, California, your expectations are beautiful ocean views, excellent cuisine, and stunning sunsets. It was an unexpected surprise to have all of those eclipsed by the power and inspiration of spending two days absorbing incredible content, inspiration and vision at the Jane Deuber Business Mastery Summit. Not only did Jane inspire me, but also the facilitation team was an impressive gathering of coaches, trainers and business leaders who added to this powerful event. Testimonials cannot describe the many benefits and relationships you receive - only your attendance and a willingness to learn will suffice.

—Jeffrey Heinichen

Marion Gellatly

Jane Deuber's Business Mastery Summit gave me the inspiration, motivation and "kick in the pants" I needed to shake up what I'd been doing in my business for years. It was time to make changes and take it to the next level, but I needed Jane's big-thinking, heart-centered advice, strategies, and encouragement to get me moving in the right direction. The Summit did just that! As a solo-preneur, another great benefit was making new friends who've become strategic connections. I left the Summit with solid direction and inspiration to up level my business for the upcoming year. I hope you'll come see what's possible for you.

—Marion Gellatly

Ginny Lyke

Jane's Business Mastery Summit is the perfect destination for anyone who has a big vision for their business and wants support, strategies and a kick of inspiration to make the vision a reality.

The people she gathers are all up to cool things and of course the addition of John Dulworth to her program makes the Summit even more special.

—Ginny Lyke

Leslie Zann

I attended Business Mastery Summit with two major goals in mind.  To decide if Jane was the business coach I had been looking for… and to develop a plan for launching my consulting business within the year.    She was… and I did!   Working with Jane, I was able to successfully launch my business in just 90 days… and most importantly I am hitting all my income benchmarks that so long ago seemed impossible. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, the Business Mastery Summit is exactly where you should be!

—Leslie Zann


I cannot thank you enough for your energy, wisdom and all of your support in helping me turn my vision of WSA into an ever expanding reality! Your ability to inspire my team and I to embrace strategy and process has had a profound impact on our progress. I feel empowered to step fully into the leader and confident businesswoman I’m being called to be. Having you on my strategic team brings a sense of cohesiveness that my team and I have been yearning for. I am deeply grateful for your guidance and wisdom, Jane!

—Liora Mendeloff

Jennie Kiatta

I attended the Business Mastery Summit last year and had such a positive experience that I continued with Jane's Business Mastery 6 month Program. Jane is a powerful speaker, coach and mentor and is passionate about sharing her expertise in growing a profitable, satisfying, healthy life and business.  Throughout the course of the weekend, I was given tools to envision and approach my business in a new way as well as learn from other creative, inspiring, successful entrepreneurs.  The Summit offered a glimpse of all that was possible with my business and my continued work with Jane and the Business Mastery Program has taken that glimpse and moved it into reality.

—Jenny Kiatta

Rachel Landphere

My work with Jane and participation in the Business Mastery Summit brought about a complete shift in my business. Although I've been coaching with Jane over the past three years, the content delivered at Summit was fresh, relevant and exactly what I needed to take the next steps in my business. I am operating with greater ease and seeing more immediate results in the development of my business. The beautiful group of attendees, facilitation team, exercises and playtime came together to create a mind-expanding experience that I wouldn't miss for the world! It made for such an inspired weekend!  The Business Mastery Community has become a powerful support network that is contributing to the growth of my business on so many levels.

—Rachel Landephere

Robin Mascari

As a couple who work several businesses together and highly value quality of life, Jane is the only one we know that strategically addresses business success and fulfillment as the ultimate focus! Knowing that the purpose of business is to make our contribution and create a fulfilling life, Jane has masterfully created the map to get there! We are excited to attend again and this time, bring our son who is an entrepreneur along with many of our friends who want all that life has to offer.

—Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari

Margie Aliprandi

If you are ready to expand your life, make more money, and make a bigger difference in the world, I highly recommend attending Jane's Business Mastery Weekend.
I attended Jane's event last fall, and am blown away by how quickly my business world is transforming. Jane is the most brilliant business strategist, with the most amazing marketing brain I've ever known.
You will gain absolute clarity about your next steps, and will be amazed at the results the follow.

—Margie Aliprandi

MaryJo Moore

I had no idea what to expect when I attended the Summit, but by the end of the weekend I was overcome with confidence and a sense of possibility. It was time for me to make a career move. Jane, her team, and all of the amazing attendees at the Summit inspired the courage to take action on my vision. Since then, I've been a part of Jane's Business Mastery Program. Between the Summit and my coaching sessions with Jane, I have successfully transitioned into having my own business. I couldn't be more thrilled!

—MaryJo Moore

Mary Jeanne Vincent

Jane's Business Mastery Summit provided a much needed opportunity for me to focus on my business rather than simply work in my business.

Her weekend retreat enabled me to revisit and revise my big, bold business vision. It helped me question many practices that I took for granted and opened my eyes to new possibilities and new approaches for achieving my goals. Attending the Business Mastery Summit is an investment in your success!

—Mary Jeanne Vincent

Lynda Kaufmann

I had never walked through the steps of creating a detailed "vision" for my business and now I have! I loved everything about the Summit… comprehensive tools, clear next steps and a great community of people. Thank you Jane!

—Lynda Kaufmann

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An Environment for Transformation

Surround yourself in beauty and inspiration…

beauty and inspiration

Your creativity and brilliance are expanded when surrounded by beauty and nature. That's why I've chosen as our hotel location - my favorite spot – the Monterey Beach Resort*, right on the beautiful Monterey Bay!

Imagine the sound of pounding waves, fresh sea air and crystal blue water right outside our meeting room – keeping you inspired and rejuvenated throughout the weekend.
Last Summit we had dolphins playing outside on break!

Beach bonfire

We'll end our first day together doing something I love to do… enjoying a casual beach bonfire with your new Summit family!

Converse, celebrate your new Ahas, and build connections while John leads the group in a quick and meaningful exercise of letting go of what’s been holding you back so you can move toward what you truly desire – all with the backdrop of the powerful Pacific Ocean surf!

* We’ve arranged for special room rates at the Monterey Beach Resort.  To receive these special rates, please fill out the attached Reservation Form and fax or e-mail it directly to the hotel.


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The real reason for you to be with us… YOU!

The Business Mastery Summit is designed to usher you into the next evolution of you – the powerful, successful, confident business owner you are meant to become.

Are you ready to...

  • Take the lid off your vision to find new possibilities, markets and profit centers.
  • Break through the blocks that have been keeping you from the results you want.
  • Create meaningful connections with like-minded people who are wired to collaborate and support.
  • Get clear about what marketing avenues will expand your reach and close more sales.
  • Gain fresh ideas for staying focused and productive so you get more done in less time.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and thoughts so you can create the success you desire.
  • Feel supported and affirmed by me and the Summit Community.

Say yes by clicking the button. You'll be so glad you did!

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Two Event Packages – Which will you choose?

Take the VIP option and dine and network with the Business Mastery Tribe!

As a VIP participant, you'll enjoy the Friday Cocktail Reception, the Friday and Saturday Networking luncheons, the Saturday evening bonfire, and the Sunday Recognition luncheon. The lunches and Friday reception will also be attended by participants in Jane's six-month Business Mastery Program. Imagine the added benefit of connecting with these big-thinking entrepreneurs, who are already on the path. It's just $150 more!

The VIP Package The Basic Package
  • All Day Friday Session
  • Friday VIP networking Lunch*
  • Friday Night Cocktail Reception *
  • All Day Saturday Session
  • Saturday VIP Recognition Lunch*
  • Saturday Night Bonfire
  • All Day Sunday Session
  • Sunday VIP Celebration Lunch*

* Indicates VIP networking events.

  • All Day Friday Session
  • All Day Saturday Session
  • Saturday Night Bonfire
  • All Day Sunday Session

"VIP" Ticket $547!

(or select our 2 payment option)


"Basic" Ticket $397!

(or select our 2 payment option)


Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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