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Large Call to Action Headline

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So, who am I and why should you give a damn ABOUT what I have to say?

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My name is Jeremiah Evans.

I have personally helped over 300 students make 6 figures a year with 15 of my students hitting the 7-figure mark for the first time; all while scaling my businesses to over $65 million in sales to date!

My mission is to help you reach your financial goals whether that be 6 figures, 7 figures, or even higher! 🔥

I have cracked the code to making 6 figures.

My system to do this has been able to…

  • Take a young father doing DoorDash from barely being able to pay for his car payment to making over $160,000 in just one month!

  • Help a construction worker quit his job and make over $1 Million Dollars in a year and buy himself his dream car!

  • Allow a newly married man to quit his job making $11/hour and then turn around and make over $30,000 in his first month after quitting!

  • Take a single mom with two kids from $0 to her first 6 figures in 8 months!

  • Help a young college student skyrocket her brand to 100,000 followers and make 6 figures in her first year as a member!

Monthly Recurring Revenue!

$53,602 Total Sales in 1 Month!

High Ticket Sales!

I could fill this page with success stories but if you need to see more just go ahead scroll down to the massive list of some of testimonials I’ve gathered just in the last few years.

This system is extremely beginner-friendly and can take anyone with any skill set to the 6-figure level.

“I’m watching Jeremiah everyday … he makes the right moves and is a person of integrity that builds people up … with a little more seasoning he’ll probably end up a trillionaire.”
“Jeremiah has been great to work with … I like how much he is taking action and also has the business to back it up. He’s not just some entrepreneur that popped up.”
“I could tell you a million things about Jeremiah … he’s a good human, the people around him love him, and he always has a great vibe.”
"He has a good heart, a really good purpose, and is trying to make a difference in the world."
“[Jeremiah embodies] what a true leader is. He brings up the people around him and gives them the tools necessary to have success and fulfillment in their lives.”
“Jeremiah is someone who is willing to stand his ground and is truly convicted in what he believes in.”
Zachary K.
"Ever since I met Jeremiah he has helped me change my mindset and completely change my life. I now have made six figures for the first time in my life thanks to Jeremiah."
Chayden J.
Before Jeremiah I didn’t know anything about financial literacy or credit, but now after being mentored by him my sales have increased and I have been more efficient with my business. He truly cares and helps you overcome any obstacles you have in your life. He’s not just a mentor, he is also a great friend and person to be around.
Benson R.
"Being apart of Alpha has changed my life in just a few short months. Jeremiah has helped me learn how to unlock my potential and change my mindset to literally improve my life and increase my income. I was making 25k a year and now I am making 70k a year and I am on track to make my first six figures!"
Max C.
"I have been working with Jeremiah for about 8 months now and my life has been transformed by his mentorship. From his training my confidence has sky rocketed and I have quadrupled my income. If you have the chance to work with Jeremiah don’t hesitate."
Rachael B.
"I get a good feeling when I’m around Jeremiah, you can just tell he’s a genuine good guy."
Jeff G.
"The best thing I’ve learned from working with Jeremiah Is self confidence. And after working with Jeremiah I have quadrupled my income. I recommend everyone to use Jeremiah as a mentor. He’s very effective in everything he does."

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